UK Packaging Reforms

Between now and 2025, UK Producers will experience significant changes in how they will be required to report their data and in the way compliance fees will be determined and charged. It is important that you are aware of these changes and how they will impact your business.




  • Single Use Plastics (SUP)

    SUP Straws, Cotton Buds and Drink Stirrers banned from October 1st. Leftover supplies may be sold until April 1st 2021. Drinks products with single-use plastic straws attached to packaging banned from July 2021.

  • EPR Consultations Continue

    DEFRA’s Second Consultation on EPR Reform closed on 4th June 2021. Producers and stakeholders were invited to respond on how they believe the new system should operate. Click here for further details.

  • Plastic Bag Charge increase

    Fee for plastic shopping bags in England, Wales and Scotland doubled to 10p in April and applies to all retail outlets. Originally introduced in 2015, some smaller retailers were exempt, however this no longer applies.

  • HMRC Plastic Packaging Tax

    A UK Plastic Packaging tax is planned for April 2022. Rates are set at £200 per tonne of plastic packaging, manufactured or imported with less than 30% recycled content. Click here for further details.

  • Deposit Return Scheme - Scotland

    Scotland is scheduled to introduce a drinks containers deposit return scheme (DRS) in August 2023. Similar DRS schemes are due to be introduced in England and Wales in late 2024. Click here for further details.

  • Producer Responsibility and PRN Reform

    Major reforms of the existing Packaging Producer Responsibility and PRN systems are intended to be implemented in a phased manner from 2024. Significant changes are anticipated with fees expected to rise  substantially above current levels.

  • All Plastics to be Recyclable, Reusable, Compostable

    The Resources and Waste Strategy for England has made clear its ambition to mirror the targets set by the UK Plastic Pact, with all plastic packaging required to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. 

  • Eliminate Food Waste going to Landfill

    As part of the Resources and Waste Strategy for England (2018) a strategic ambition to work towards eliminating food waste going to landfill by 2030.