Am I Obligated?

Businesses that produce or use packaging, or sell packaged goods, may be classed as obligated packaging producers if they or their group of companies:

  • handle 50 tonnes or more of packaging materials or packaging in a calendar year
  • have a turnover of greater than £2 million a year

What does ‘handling’ mean?

Typically handling can include any of the following activities;

  • Manufacture – produce raw materials for packaging manufacture
  • Packaging conversion – convert raw materials into packaging
  • Packing/filling – put goods into packaging or put packaging around goods
  • Selling – supply packaged goods to the end user
  • Importing – import packaged goods or packaging materials from outside the UK; this includes raw materials that will become packaging, for example, plastic pellets used to make bottles
  • Service provider – a business that supplies packaging by hiring it out or lending it

My business is obligated- What next?