Client Description

International retailer of advanced technical sportswear, operating physical and online stores throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

The Challenge

To comply with complex Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations covering Packaging, Electronics, Batteries and Textile waste in multiple jurisdictions and ensuring full compliance procedures were implemented in each applicable markets.

The Solution

Greenstreets undertook a high-level scoping exercise to get a broad understanding of the legal and reporting obligations and to assess potential fees. The client then opted to undertake a more in-depth product analysis; this involved contacting vendors to obtain relevant data, which was then validated through sampling and other methodologies. Finally, budgetary estimates of fees were calculated and applicable regulatory guidelines applied, according to each region.

Central to this lies Greenstreets’ proprietary software solution - GRIPS™, designed to manage all aspects of EPR reporting, including:

  • Preparation and submission of reports across a range of EPR programs
  • Safe retention of all client information in our secure data repository
  • Provision of a full data audit trail, as required by many stewardship/compliance schemes


Value Add for the Client

Reduced workload – Routing all EPR reporting work through a single secure channel enabled Lululemon to focus resources on their core business

Peace of mind - Knowing they could trust Greenstreets to ensure EPR returns would be completed on time and in accordance with the regulations 

Reduced overall cost – using Greenstreets' expertise, considerable savings in time when compared with undertaking this work internally

Compliance Type
Global Extended Producer Responsibility Compliance