Our Packaging Compliance Data Service

Greenstreets is one of just a handful of methodologies acknowledged by the UK Environment Agency to help businesses gather and report their packaging data. With more than 20 years’ experience of providing independent advice to UK businesses like PrimarkTate & Lyle, Philips and Highland Spring, you can trust our Data Management Service to look after your packaging waste returns securely and safely.


How does it work?

The process is managed in four distinct steps: 

1. Data Sourcing

Many companies have difficulty getting accurate information on their packaging, especially those with multiple suppliers, like retailers or wholesalers. With your permission, Greenstreets can collect this data directly from your suppliers using our automated collection process.

2. Sampling

If important packaging data cannot be obtained from your client or supplier, Greenstreets can undertake physical weighing exercises on selected packaging or products. We can also help  determine packaging material types and their recyclable characteristics.

3. Validation

Greenstreets will cross-check packaging specifications with other similar data from its extensive data repository to verify weights and other criteria. Product or packaging suppliers may also be contacted to validate the weight, type or other specification. 

4. Analysis

Our analysts perform a range of routines and checks with the help of purpose designed software (GRIPS). This helps us identify regions, departments or suppliers that attract high obligation fees, allowing you to apportion (or bill-back) these costs accordingly.