Client Description

Affordable fast-fashion retailer operating throughout Europe and North America.

The Challenge

Operating across Europe and North America, Primark is obligated to report and maintain compliance with more than 50 Extended Producers Responsibility waste schemes including Packaging, Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Batteries and Textiles.

The Solution

Greenstreets recommended an holistic approach to Producer Responsibility reporting to reduce workload and identify potential savings; global data reporting methodologies were implemented, underpinned by our our GRIPS™ software. The following services were provided:

  • Preparation of periodic data returns to multiple compliance schemes and agencies
  • On-going gathering of product and packaging specifications from suppliers
  • Product sampling and weighing to verify and validate supplier data
  • Registration and communication with the regulators and compliance schemes
  • Managing other Producer Responsibility obligations including in-store customer information and organizing end-of-life product take-back
  • Provision of timely advice on changes in regulations
Value Add for the Client
  • Single secure channel – providing assurance and peace of mind, enabling Primark to report to multiple agencies in different countries
  • Reduced workload - we gathered and validated data, prepared compliance reports, allowing Primark to focus on its core business
  • Full compliance - we provided assurances that would be completed correctly and on-time, regardless of changes to regulations
  • Reduced overall cost – we identified opportunities to reduce overall fee obligations  providing considerable cost savings
Compliance Type
Pan-European Producer Responsibility Compliance