UK Plastic Packaging Tax

In the UK 2020 budget, the Plastic Packaging tax was confirmed and at present, implementation is planned for April 2022, there is currently a second consultation underway on policy design to determine how this tax is going to be implemented. The rate has been set at £200/tonne of plastic packaging manufactured or imported with <30% recycled content.

There is a Plastic Packaging Tax Consultation Document (published March 2020) which outlines what is being considered in terms of implementation and related requirements. We have compiled a short summary of the key points and proposals within this document regarding the scope and liable persons (available upon request).

However, for full details you can find the Consultation document in full here:
UK Plastic Packaging Tax Consultation Document

Producers using plastic packaging (either manufacturing or importing) are stakeholders and therefore should consider responding to the consultation:
UK Plastic Packaging Tax Policy Design Consultation

Many sectors with an interest in this policy are affected by COVID-19 and therefore to give all stakeholders time to submit their views the Consultation now has an extended closing date of 20th August (originally set to close on 20th May).