International Environmental Compliance Services

As Producer Responsibility reporting becomes more global, companies that trade internationally need to understand the cost and reporting implications of this wherever they operate. Reporting rules and compliance fees vary significantly between regions, even within Europe, so it is important to take account of this when considering new markets or developing existing ones.

For more than a decade, Greenstreets has helped firms with Producer Responsibility obligations in international markets. Significant time and effort has been invested in developing a global network of partners on each continent to ensure we understand what your business is required to do in order to meet its compliance obligations in a timely and cost-effective way.

Greenstreets currently provides international compliance services across Europe, North America and Australia, through regional hubs in Ireland, UK, Germany and Canada, each with its own dedicated team and supplemented by our extensive partner network. This ensures that our clients will receive the most up to date advice and best practice regardless of where they operate.

For further information on our International Services, please contact Greenstreets.