Greenstreets – Your Compliance Partner

For over 20 years Greenstreets has helped packaging producers to manage and report their packaging compliance obligations. Today, we report on behalf of our clients to more than 80 different Compliance Organisations in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

We make packaging compliance simple for our clients in a professional and cost-effective way, using straightforward language and tried and trusted working methodologies. Utilising the latest technologies, GRIPS™, we ensure that clients operate within the required regulatory tolerances, whether its Packaging, Electronic, Battery or Textile waste.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified people have a collective knowledge of more than 300 years experience in almost every industry. Our clients come from the food and drink sector, from pharmaceuticals and electronics to clothing, distribution and retail. We understand packaging and this allows us to support businesses in many different ways - from first-time advice on compliance requirements to more complex advice on how to reduce compliance costs.